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Discover Kryvyi Rih

Kryvyi Rih is an industrial and at the same time green city with a great number of parks, public gardens and inlaid floral embankments. The city also offers many places of interest, including architectural monuments, worth visiting in order to know the city better.

1. City Botanical Gardens

This large green space is not only a pleasant place to walk, but also a valuable resource reflecting the biological history of the region. The cosy setting, with its clean air and clearly marked paths, offers a bit of respite from the industry of the city and an ideal location for a picnic in areas specially marked just for such occasions.
50 Marshaka St.

2. Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral

This nine-dome Ukrainian baroque cathedral, which can seat up to 3,000 people, was under construction for 12 years and was built according to designs created by Alexander Petrosyuk of Kyiv. The crosses on the domes for this massive project were made by masters of the Kryvyi Rih Central Ship-repair Plant.
1 Soborna St.

3. Pravda Park

For many years Pravda Park has been a favourite spot for romantic encounters for many local residents. At the weekend the Park engenders a special festive feeling as numerous wedding parties congregate to celebrate their recent nuptials. In recent years a tradition has developed whereby locks with the names of the married couples are attached to rails of the bridge leading to the Kryvyi Rih Boating Station – a charming city landmark. From here, hire a boat and row down the Saksahan River for an unforgettable experience.
Karl Marx Ave.

4. Light and Music Fountain

The biggest such fountain of its kind in Ukraine, the Light and Music Fountain in winter provides the backdrop for one of the city’s most beautiful New Year playgrounds.
36 Metallurhiv Ave.

5. Flower Clock

Kryvyi Rih boasts the biggest flower clock in the world – an extraordinary construction of precision and beauty. The diameter of the clock face is a staggering 22 metres, while the minute hand is 12 metres in length. In all, the clock encompasses 22,000 flowers of six kinds, and every hour in daytime its melodious ring can be heard, while at night the clock becomes illuminated.
At Park Heroyiv on Metallurhiv Ave.

6. Ostrich Land

The Ostrich Land Park is a pleasant combination of city comfort and countryside charm. This mini zoo includes more than just ostriches, with other representatives of the Ukrainian Steppe and Argentinean pampas (sheep, donkeys, llamas) also present. Ostrich Land makes for a great family place to experience nature. Additional attractions abound such as fishing, barbecuing, a local steam bath, sunbathing and swimming in the park pool.

7. Museum of mining machinery

This unique open-air museum of mining machinery consists of a rather small area near the Palace of Culture. It features different, full-size working exhibits taken directly from the mining industry, and best of all entrance to the museum is absolutely free!
1B Marshaka St.

8. Iron-ore Quarry

The Kryvyi Rih iron-ore quarry is one of the biggest megaprojects of its kind in the world at over 3 kilometres long, 2.5 km wide and 400 m deep. Tourists from all over come to marvel at this gargantuan, manmade pit.